Vanessa Child-Villiers is an artist from Jersey, Channel Islands. She gets pleasure from designing and creating something new and enjoys the making process in ceramics. Her strong interests in nature and the sea is what influences her work and draws from natural surface textures to create unnatural forms.

During her time studying Art and Design at Highlands College, she developed a passion for 3D crafts. More specifically ceramics, and the variety of techniques that can be explored. Investigating new materials and processes, and growing her skill base.

During the production of her work she uses techniques such as slip casting, slab rolling and the coil pot method to realise both functional and decorative objects.

" With in my approach to creating artwork I employ an investigative practice whereby I collect and catalogue visual inspiration from the environment i'm using as my source material. I then respond to this process by using figurative elements I collect as well as the colour pallets of these landscapes.

Vanessa draws from her archive and applies these to embellish her work as a means to create and emotional onset which is evocative of the environment of her investigation.